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Daylong Valleys of the Nile is a side project of various members, past present and future, of the band Lavender Diamond. A couple of years ago Jeff Rosenberg (who has played with Pink and Brown and Young People as well logging three years with the LD) got together with Lavender Diamond’s keyboardist Steve Gregoropoulos for purposes of writing punk songs for small children. At the time, Rosenberg had a small child and Gregoropoulos did not, so when Gregoropoulos turned in songs like “Drugs Are for Your Parents”, the project was put on hold temporarily. Cut to early 2010 – at this point Rosenberg’s son was sufficiently grown to allow for more liberal songwriting (although Gregoropoulos’s wife was by then eight months pregnant). The two got back to work on the songs, which now were mysteriously transformed into adult, or at least adolescent, creations that contained hints of early Eno, Ultravox and 70s glam. Under all that, the magical Lavender Diamond rhythm was bubbling up, so Ron Rege was immediately contacted to bring the beat and with him came Jeff Kwong of Bedroom Walls on bass, himself a veteran of two LD tours, and Daylong Valleys of the Nile sprang to life. Ten songs were recorded in a crazy two day weekend and will be available at some time in the future.


released October 1, 2010

songs recorded by justin burrill



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Daylong Valleys of the Nile Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Gossamer Station
VERSE: In the Gossamer Station they were calling out the hours

all the lights in the distance

While the planes were unloading and the trams came in and out

the immaculate darkness

You were already waiting, I could see you in the crowd

it came rushing up to find us

CHORUS: Press your face against my wall

you can see yourself for miles

as you step out on the ring

While the cars pass overhead

and their engines trail away

leaving silence in the time

underneath a billion eyes

VERSE: In the skyscraper name light there was water on your cheek

but we both were illusive

as we ducked in a rat hole and the sentries let us pass

It was like we were flying

Someone else in the current, someone calling on the phone

there's a light inside your pocket

CHORUS: Press your face against my face

we can dance inside your will

there is no one here but us

underneath the flickering fires

of the cloud that lights the sky

and we never even try

till the city comes alive

men and women, boys and girls, and the secrets of this world